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liquid nitrogen generator

LN30 Liquid Nitrogen Generator

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The LN30 liquid nitrogen generator is capable of producing 46 liters of liquid nitrogen a day and comes with a 5 year parts warranty. Equipped with an oil-fee air compressor, internal PSA nitrogen generator, helium compressor and internal 100 liter dewar all controlled through a colour graphic HMI touch-screen and in-house designed control software gives a fully automated system at the touch of a button.

Product Description

LN30 Liquid Nitrogen Generator Specification Sheet

Liquid Nitrogen Production Rate: 46 liters/day (1.92 liters/hr)
Enclosure Dimensions: 1.2m (L) x 0.6m (W) x 1.8m (H)
Enclosure Weight: 350 Kg (on wheels)
Dewar Volume: 100 Litres
Cold Head Assembly: 1 x CH-110
Helium Compressor: 1 x HC-4A (air cooled)
Electrical Input options: 1 Phase: 200v, 220v, 230/240v 50Hz, 220v 60Hz
Power Consumption: 3.0kw @ 50Hz / 3.4kw @ 60Hz
Helium Compressor Cooling: Air cooled up to +32°c ambient
Ambient Temperature Range: +4°c to +32°c
Maximum altitude: 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) – higher altitudes available
Compressed Air Requirement: Internal oil-free compressor included
Noise Level: <65dBA @ 1 metre
Control System: HMI colour graphic touch screen Tank Level high / low Setting: Adjustable – 0 – 100%
Liquid Nitrogen Pressure: 1 bar g (1.5 bar g relief valve)
Main Features: Dewar Vacuum Protection System Oxygen analyzer with alarm
Certification: Dewar – EN 13458 / 97/23/EC; System – CE / ISO9001:2008

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