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CryoStorm Localized Machine



CryoStorm is an award-winning localized cryotherapy machine provides world-class savvy technology that upgrades your health and wellness packages to offer the best recovery service to your clients. Primarily, weight-loss, cellulite reduction and skin collagen boosting have been some of the healthcare benefits offered by CryoStorm localized cryotherapy based beauty sessions.

Product Description

CryoStorm localized cryotherapy machine is designed to fit all your application needs, distinguished by its creative design, cost effectiveness, safety controls, and ease of use. The design is developed to optimize your production and output through innovative features without nitrogen. Price includes shipping and delivery.

CryoStorm Specifications

  • Award-winning all electric system with zero nitrogen consumption
  • 6 degree cooling fan speeds for various treatments
  • Powerful cooling air temperature up to (-20C)
  • Local targeting capability from the nozzle to the treatment area
  • Auxiliary arm supporting the cryogenic hose for ease and comfort of use
  • Self defrosting system for best cooling performance
  • Highest safety standards through ISO & CE certifications
  • Universal Power Supply: 110V, 50hz, 3A, 220V, 50hz, 3A
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty Included

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