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Ionic Shape Lipo Light & Body Shaping System
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The Cryolyft cryo slimming and toning system is a non invasive body shaping and toning device that uses focused pulsed ultrasound combined with a subzero fat freezing technology, cavitation, and bipolar radio frequency to immediately and selectively destroy fat cells, tighten skin and help reduce cellulite on all parts of the body pain free without down time.

Product Description

Cryolyft is a non invasive cryo slimming and toning device for fat reduction and cellulite removal. The cryo slimming system uses focus pulsed ultrasound energy to target the subcutaneous fat, without destroying surrounding nerves, muscle, collagen or other tissue in the targeted area. At the same time, the system has a built-in ultrasound cavitation machine for arms size reducing, and bipolar RF for skin lifting on face.

Technical Advantages:

  • 230khz Focused Pulsed ultrasound for laser lipo reducing fat on abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
  • Single lipo light pulse working mode: energy is precise and controllable; easy operation
  • Water circulating cooling: energy conversion quickly, no thermosteresis
  • Treatment head is made of special material: ensure energy output precisely and completely, acts on fat cells directly
  • Special ultrasound gel conduction: ensure energy penetrates into fat layers quickly
  • Precise energy settings: The penetrate depth is controllable (maximum 1.2cm), targeting on fat tissue and dissolve fat which is safer.
  • 40khz ultrasound cavitation machine for reducing size on Arms and legs and Buttocks.
  • 2mhz Bipolar Radio frequency for skin lifting of face.
  • Semi-conducting cooling hand piece for reducing the heat of target area before and after the treatment.

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