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Cryo Arctic Cryotherapy Chamber

Cryo Science Arctic


°Cryo Science Arctic cryotherapy chamber is designed to deliver the easiest, safest, and most effective whole body cryotherapy experience in the industry. Built using state of the art technology, and created to ensure that the client is never in direct contact with nitrogen vapors, the °Cryo Science Arctic cryotherapy chamber matches its futuristic design with the highest safety standards.

Product Description

The Cryo Science Arctic Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber uses state of the art technology that makes this complicated multi-lateral process of thermo-regulation efficient and straightforward while conforming to the highest quality and safety standards.

Breathable Air Technology
Highest safety standards through the prevention of any patient contact with cryogenic gases. In the Arctic, patients only come in contact with cryogenically cooled, fully breathable air.

Integrated Customer Management Software
Digital storage of patient data and treatment history to ensure fully personalized and accurate treatment recommendations.

Full body experience
Comfortable, practical and hygienic interior design. An electrically adjustable window and a temperature control provide patients with the option to have the treatment with their head safely above the cold temperature environment.

In this cryotherapy chamber, nitrogen does not touch the body; this is the newest trend in cryotherapy. It presents a different experience from the cryotherapy chambers that expose the body directly to nitrogen.

Cryotherapy chamber and cryosauna at the same time!
Some users enjoy moving around during their sessions, which is possible in the Arctic. The enclosed chamber is about 86 inches in length and 74 inches wide. With a tall height of 6 foot 9 inches, the Cryo Science Arctic cryosauna can conveniently fit in the tallest people. We strongly recommend first time users to use the beginner mode, and gradually progress to the advanced or the pro mode.

The presence of a window is a great addition on this cryo chamber, especially for people that feel claustrophobic. However, the window may frost if used used for too long.

The Cryo Science Arctic cryosauna feels colder than most others, because the coldness is constant throughout the entire session. The latest models also have Wifi software so that it can be fixed remotely if there is any problem or any updates.


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