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°Cryo Penguin

$16,999.00 $15,999.00

The °CRYO Penguin series is designed to deliver the easiest, safest and most effective localized cryotherapy sessions in the industry. With its ergonomic design, pre-programmed treatment protocols, and built-in safety features, the °CRYO Penguin series offers the highest standards in localized cryotherapy equipment.

Product Description

°Cryo Penguin is perfect to help alleviate pain, inflammation and speed up recovery from injuries through cryogenically cooled air penetrating deeper into the layers of tissue and increasing blood circulation. Beauty facials such as cryotherapy facials or cellulite reduction use localized cryotherapy technology. The facials increase the collagen production in the skin and leaves the skin visibly smoother with a restored youthful glow.

°Cryo Penguin Specifications

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Touchscreen with user-friendly interface
  • Handle support arm with auto-balancer
  • Remote control feature on the handle to maximize ease of use
  • 50L dewar included

°Cryo Penguin Technology

  • Beauty & Anti Aging (9 customized programs included)
  • Sports & Injury Recovery (15 customized programs included)
  • °CRYO Pro Mode (ability to create and customize your programs)
  • Reporting (track session count, usage, and more)

°Cryo Penguin Refilling System

  • Mobile vessel to increase ease of use
  • Can be refilled immediately at any time – No requirement for disassembly evaporator

°Cryo Penguin Safety Features

  • LED lights – Indicate optimal distance to conduct treatment
  • LED lights – Pinpoint treatment area
  • LED color change to alert user of critical skin temperature
  • Liquid Nitrogen – Light and sound alert when filling the nitrogen vessel


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