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LN15 Liquid Nitrogen Generator

LN15 Liquid Nitrogen Generator

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The LN15 liquid nitrogen generator is capable of producing 15 liters of liquid nitrogen a day and comes with a 5 year parts warranty. Equipped with an oil-fee air compressor, internal PSA nitrogen generator combined with a cryo-cooler, helium compressor and internal 50 liter dewar all controlled through a colour graphic HMI touch-screen and in-house designed control software gives a fully automated system at the touch of a button.

Product Description

LN15 Liquid Nitrogen Generator Specifications

Main Features:
Provides 15L/day liquid nitrogen


Liquid Nitrogen


Integrated compressors and 50L storage dewar

PSA nitrogen generator with separate nitrogen outlet

Helium compressor and cold head Assembly

Dewar Vacuum Protection System and Oxygen analyser with alarm


NMR, Sample Storage, Superconductivity,

Cryotherapy, Food & Packaging,

Dewar – EN 13458 / 97/23/EC; System – CE / ISO9001:2008

We also do larger liquid nitrogen generators up to 550L/day. Please contact us to discuss these options.


Production Rate: 15 litres/day (0.625 litres/hr)
Enclosure Dimensions: 0.8m (L} x 0.6m (W} x 1.8m (H)
Enclosure Weight: 300 Kg (on wheels}
Dewar Volume: 50 Litres
Cold Head Assembly: 1x CH-104
Helium Compressor: 1x HC-4A (water cooled)
Electrical Input options: Single Phase: 200v, 220v, 230/240v SOHz, 220v 60Hz
Power Consumption: 3.0kw @ 50Hz I 3.4kw @ 60Hz
Helium Compressor Cooling: Water Cooled – 5kw of cooling power @ 25°c
Ambient Temperature Range: +4°c to +32°c
Maximum altitude: 10,000 feet (3,000 metres} – higher altitudes available
Compressed Air Requirement: Internal oil-free compressor included
Noise Level: <65dBA @ 1metre
Control System: HMI colour graphic touch screen
Tank Level high / low Setting: Adjustable – 0 – 100%
Liquid Nitrogen Pressure: 1 bar g (1.5 bar g relief valve)

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