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Liquid Nitrogen Generator Systems

As the price of liquid nitrogen becomes more expensive from gas suppliers, Cryo Centers of America is excited to offer a variety of liquid nitrogen generators to save cryotherapy business owners time and money. Check out our exclusive inventory from the world’s leading nitrogen equipment manufacture, Noblegen Cryogenics, and see why nitrogen generators are gaining popularity and becoming the preferred choice for cryotherapy business owners.


Nitrogen Generator Systems

Where on-demand delivery of nitrogen can prove to be both costly and sometimes unreliable, on-site production of nitrogen offers a wealth of advantages ranging from cost savings to continuous availability. A dependable source of liquid nitrogen is critical to any cryotherapy business and nitrogen generators by Noblegen Cryogenics offer you the ultimate solution: flexible on-site production of liquid nitrogen at the lowest possible cost.

nitrogen generation

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

The Triton membrane liquid nitrogen generator is design in a single cubicle on wheels that generates up to 10 liters of liquid nitrogen a day. The safe dispensing system is air cooled, and comes complete with an oil-free air compressor, built in nitrogen PSA, built in oxygen analyzer with alarm, vacuum prevention system, and pressure booster for liquid dispense.

nitrogen generator

PSA Nitrogen Generator

The pressure swing absorption (PSA) nitrogen generators are designed in a twin cubicle on wheels and are able to produce up to 85 liters of liquid nitrogen a day. The liquid nitrogen generation system has the option of being air or water cooled, and comes complete with an oil-free air compressor, PSA technology, built in nitrogen storage tank up to 210 liters, and HMI touch screen.

Skid Mount Nitrogen Generator

Skid Mounted Nitrogen Generator

Skid mounted nitrogen generators are designed and engineered for efficient bulk nitrogen generation. Equipped with PSA technology, the liquid nitrogen generator is able to produce 130 liters to 550 liters of liquid nitrogen per day. A full color HMI touch screen control panel with interlock provides for safe operation, and a built-in storage tank of up to 2,000 liters is available.

Nitrogen Tanks & Accessories

Nitrogen Tanks & Accessories

We are the North American distributor of Noblegen Cryogenics liquid nitrogen storage tanks and our line of cryogenic nitrogen tanks and accessories includes LN2 canisters, dewars, adapters, fittings, gas regulators, safety gloves, gauges, fill lines and more. These products are well constructed and designed to handle a variety of liquid nitrogen applications. All parts are backed by a 5 year warranty.

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