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The Hidden Dangers Of Inflatable Cryotherapy Chambers


Soon after cryotherapy became popular, portable cryotherapy chambers became a new trend for business owners, sports teams, recovery centers and more. This is particularly visible in the fast-paced development of the inflatable cryotherapy chamber by RevoCryo in the last few years. The inflatable cryotherapy chamber has been gaining steam with consumers in the USA where

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5 Things Cryotherapy Equipment Manufactures Say To Sell Their Cryotherapy Machine

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When shopping for a cryotherapy machine, many of the leading cryotherapy equipment manufactures often use questionable sales tactics to help make their cryotherapy chamber stand out. Here are 5 things cryotherapy equipment manufactures say to sell their cryosauna. Our Cryotherapy Equipment Uses Less Nitrogen “Did you know that our cryotherapy machine uses less nitrogen than

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Mobile Cryotherapy Center Sets The Stage For On The Go Recovery

mobile cryotherapy center

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Need Cryotherapy Equipment? Your Bitcoins Can Buy Them

buy cryotherapy equipment bitcoin

Cryo Centers of America is proud to support the usage of bitcoins and cryptocurrency for all of our products and services. Our entire line of cryotherapy equipment, including localized cryotherapy devices, whole body cryotherapy chambers, and mobile cryotherapy trailers, can be bought with cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum  and Litecoin. But what exactly are

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Why It’s Never Been Better To Break Into The Cryotherapy Business

As far as health industries go, the cryotherapy business is still technically in its infancy. But the road to Harvard starts in the cradle, and in the same vein, serious financial rewards lie ahead for those who get in early on the super-promising cryo industry. For the more hardcore business-oriented readers out there, here are

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How Much Does It Cost To Open A Cryotherapy Center?

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Ever heard the question, “how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” Indeed, that question shares much in common with the consideration of the costs involved with getting a cryotherapy clinic up and off the ground. Cryo Centers of America is expert at making this question as straightforward as possible, although it does

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Marketing Cryotherapy to Freezing-Cold Skeptics

Marketing Cryotherapy Business

Cryo community members, we’re very, very lucky: even though cryotherapy has been in the news for years now, it still remains an edgy and “under-the-radar” health and wellness option that most people aren’t aware of. That’s a huge perk, but it also presents a challenge. More and more people are hearing about the freezing-cold temperatures

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5 Benefits of Using 24k Nano Gold Collagen Mask

gold collagen mask

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Cryotherapy Facial Machines: The Difference Between Nitrogen Versus Electric

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Why Cryotherapy is THE ELITE way to stay healthy

cryotherapy benefits

Daniel Sullivan was aware that professional athletes were using cryotherapy for muscle recovery and optimal performance. So when Sullivan, an avid body builder and professional MMA fighter, learned that a new cryotherapy spa was opening in Destination Dallas, he was among the first clients. “I was always on the lookout for something,” said Sullivan, a

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