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Karla Fisher, Author at Feel The Freeze

How Technology Is Creating A Safer And Efficient Cryotherapy Equipment Industry

electric cryotherapy machine

Over the last few years, new technology has drastically changed the way cryotherapy equipment operators use their machines. Companies like Cryopod, CryoBuilt, Trident Cryo, and Noblegen Cryogenics work with distributors to provide customers with technology-based solutions that maximize opportunities, while addressing major concerns like safety and equipment up-time. From streamlining workflows to pushing boundaries in

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The Hidden Dangers of Liquid Nitrogen

liquid nitrogen safety

Use of liquid nitrogen (LN2) has grown rapidly the last several years, due in part to the growth in cryotherapy and other medical uses. Unfortunately, so have the number of serious accidents and injuries. These incidents have occurred not only during use, but also during transport and storage. A wide variety of laboratories use LN2.

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