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Over the last few years, new technology has drastically changed the way cryotherapy equipment operators use their machines. Companies like Cryopod, CryoBuilt, Trident Cryo, and Noblegen Cryogenics work with distributors to provide customers with technology-based solutions that maximize opportunities, while addressing major concerns like safety and equipment up-time.

From streamlining workflows to pushing boundaries in their industries, cryotherapy equipment owners and operators rely on technology to alert them to potential obstacles to getting the job done right the first time.

These manufacturers work with America’s #1 cryotherapy equipment distributor, Cryo Centers of America and their customers to identify mechanical failures before they become major issues, helping to increase productivity and prevent safety violations. At the end of the day, these cryotherapy innovations translate machine information into tangible data so machine owners get the most out of their cryotherapy equipment.

Top technologies changing the cryotherapy industry

Liquid Nitrogen Generators

On-site liquid nitrogen generators are becoming a staple in various industries around the world. In essence, considered as part of the compressed air family, liquid nitrogen generators are designed to bring you the liquid nitrogen you need on demand.

Liquid nitrogen generation occurs when the nitrogen molecules are separated from the ambient air through a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or Membrane technology. Once separated, the nitrogen molecules are cooled, compressed, and stored in a tank, ready to use as needed. As a result, this technological advancement has allowed business owners to save on costs and move towards an environmentally friendly liquid nitrogen delivery.

Liquid Nitrogen Generator Savings

This is an investment and a smart one at that. Customers that switch to an on-site liquid nitrogen generator see their liquid nitrogen costs lowered from 40% to 80%, as well as a return on investment (ROI) within 6 to 18 months.

Consider the following comparison of a fully operational on-site nitrogen generator system versus a liquid nitrogen delivery contract:

Liquid Nitrogen Delivery Expenses

All the costs associated with having the nitrogen delivered from an off-site facility or energy provider:

  • The market cost of liquid nitrogen
  • Rental fees for the required storage tanks
  • All relevant delivery charges
  • Hazmat regulatory charges and insurance costs
  • Liquid to air nitrogen evaporation loss (which was already paid via the established contracts)
  • It is a costly cycle, which can be easily solved by setting up your own on-site nitrogen generator

On-Site Liquid Nitrogen Generator Expenses

Initial expenses for a fully operational on-site nitrogen generator system:

  • Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Receivers
  • Site Preparation
  • Power
  • Maintenance

After the ROI has been met, the only continuous expenses to consider are the maintenance and energy costs. As you can see from above scenarios, the long-term financial benefit of having an on-site nitrogen generator system far exceeds the initial investment costs.

Environmentally Friendly

The flexible design of the on-site nitrogen generators helps with meeting your specific needs, as well reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating the variables that were associated with having the nitrogen delivered to you from an off-site facility, in liquid form. Take the global pledge and go green with an on-site nitrogen generator.

Cryo Slimming and Toning Machines

Cryo slimming and toning machines are very similar to Coolsculpting, and they have become trendy in the world of beauty and fitness because they are effective at helping rid of your body of that excessive body fat that never seems to go away. Depending on the device most work by reducing your midsection circumference through a fat freezing / heating process. Whether you’re looking to look younger or something that’s going to aid you in your weight loss efforts here are some benefits of investing in a cryo slimming machine:

Tighten And Tone Your Body

Got extra stomach flab? The Cryolyft Pro cryo slimming and toning machine is great in eliminating fat, tightening and toning arms and legs, and reducing wrinkles giving the feeling of instant beauty. If you lack confidence when wearing your clothes or you have a special event to attend the Cryolyft Pro will smooth out the midsection which improves your overall physique. Yes, this cryo slimming and toning machine does not require a medical license to operate and can be added to any type of medspa, hotel, casino, salon, gym or fitness center for added confidence.

Great Fat Burning Assistant

What are your fitness goals? If you desire to shape your arms, legs, thighs, stomach, and waist the Cryolyft Pro is definitely something you’ll want to invest in. When used in conjunction with a workout session it helps increases weight loss by raising the core temperature producing more sweat as the body cools down to increase lymphatic drainage of the broken down fat. In addition to eliminating fat, you also lose water weight. Losing water weight can be very helpful at eliminating bloating and reduce your belly size.

Using a trimming cream with cryo slimming and toning machines ensures that you experience the best results. Fat burn creams aid the thermogenic process and fuels the metabolism. Just remember to stay hydrated by drinking enough fluids.

Breathable & Electric Cryotherapy Machines

Advances in cryotherapy has produced safer and efficient technology that is a 100% breathable while using nitrogen as well as non-nitrogen based electric cryotherapy machines. With zero FDA warning and more than 220 clinical studies in place, breathable and electric cryotherapy is now known as the safer and more effective source for muscle recovery than that of older cryotherapy machines.

Breathable (nitrogen) based machines like the CryoPod and electric (water / air cooled) machines like the Cyclone from Trident Cryo or the Everest from Cryobuilt offers a more evenly distributed cold and allows for whole-body cooling without the fear and danger of asphyxiation or forced air burns.

Nitrogen Cooled With Breathable Air

With 20 years experience in whole body cryotherapy, the team at Cryopod provided the first breathable nitrogen cooled cryotherapy chamber ever to hit the market. With safety and efficiency in mind, the CryoPod uses a Microsoft based data monitoring, logging & profiling system in accordance with Medical Directive Standards & ISO 13485. Not to mention, since the machine is nitrogen based, a customizable built in return system recirculates the subzero air inside the chamber utilizing roughly 6-9 liters of liquid nitrogen per session.

Regarding mobility and practicality, the Cryopod can double as a whole body cryotherapy chamber or cryosuana, and can be easily moved for special events, races, or trade shows. It is the only breathable cryotherapy chamber that can be used in mobile cryotherapy buses or trailers do to the size and weight restrictions.

Water / Air Cooled Electric Cryotherapy Machines

Over the past year electric cryotherapy chambers from have been coming increasingly popular among cryotherapy business owners. Manufactures such as Trident Cryo and CryoBuilt use zero nitrogen and completely run off electricity. This is an amazing technological breakthrough to be able to achieve these subzero degree temperature through air and water cooled machines. The initial cost is roughly double the cost of nitrogen based cryotherapy machines so it might take you longer to receive your full return on investment. The biggest pro about the electric cryotherapy machines is that you don’t have to worry about that everlasting nitrogen bill freeing up more capital for your business in the long run.

Now you wont be able to slap an electric cryotherapy machine in a mobile unit like an RV or trailer, but other options to take your electric cryotherapy chamber mobile are available. You also have the ability to run multiple people through the machine at a single time with options available for one or two room chambers.

If you’d like more information on our products, training or promotions feel free to contact us. Our professional staff ill be happy to help you with any questions.

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