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The Ionic Shape non invasive lipo light advanced slimming and cellulite reduction machine; is the latest treatment for non-invasive body contouring. Slim, shape and tone those difficult to reach areas such as neck & double chin, man boobs, abdomen, back fat, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper legs and arms.

When energy is required by the body, the brain sends signals to the adipose fat cells to break down the stored fat, a process called lipolysis. During this process, free fatty acids are released into the blood stream and circulate throughout the body.

The heat, RF cavitation, and light emitted from the non invasive lipo light machine stimulates the release of energy causing a physiological change in the body. The combined therapy of Heat, Light, RF Cavitation and Exercise completes the process of burning this released energy resulting in immediate and visible slimming and toning, but only in the areas you want. Ionic Shape can deliver effective results in just one treatment. However, sustained results take place when continued lipo light therapy is used with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Who Shouldn’t Use the Lipo Light Machine

This treatment is not for pregnant women and women during a menstrual cycle, Epilepsy ,Malignancy, Immune-Suppresive Disorders, Uncontrolled Hypertension, Pacemakers, Cancer, Heart Disease or Cardiac Arrhythmia, Liver or Kidney Disorders.

Non Invasive Lipo and Cellulite Removal

Immediate results are seen and improve with time. Most clients relax and enjoy the treatment. Additionally,  Ionic Shape Lipo Light advanced slimming and cellulite reduction machine can boost collagen production from the heat and stimulates elastin to sculpt the body resulting in a tight, toned smoother appearance.


Lipo Light FAQ:

How do I prepare for my non invasive Lipo Light treatment?

A. Drink plenty of water, limit caffeine, do not eat one to hours before or after your session and perform additional cardio exercise to burn a minimum of 300 calories.

What can I expect the day of my Ionic Shape Lipo Light treatment?

A. Measurements will be taken of area to be treated, Lipo-Light therapy is 20 minutes, use of a vibration trainer and re-measured. *pictures can be taken if desired.

How many inches can I expect to lose after a treatment?

A. Most will lose an inch or more in the 20 minute Lipo Light treatment and approximately 300 calories.

Do I have to exercise after my Ionic Shape Lipo Light treatment?

A. It is recommended that you get additional cardio exercise to mobilize and metabolize the released fat or you have an option to utilize The Whole Body Vibration Therapy Machine. This machine can burn up to approximately 300 calories, use of Whole Body Vibration Therapy for 10 minutes is the equivalent of 1 hour workout.

What are the advantages of non invasive Lipo Light verses invasive treatments?

A: NO SURGERY…NO PAIN…NO DOWNTIME…NO INFECTION…NO DAMAGE/DESTRUCTION OF CELLS. You have instant results verses up to 16 weeks recovery for liposuction, no risk of infections verses chances of infection with invasive surgery, Lipo Light is very affordable compared to invasive procedures, no damage to body or fat cells vs removal of cells, blood vessels and injury to tissue.

What happens to the fat?

A. The LED Red light allows the fat cell wall to release fatty acids into the lymphatic system. Fat is then transported through the lymphatic system to be “burned”, used as energy and be eliminated by the body as energy.


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