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Soon after cryotherapy became popular, portable cryotherapy chambers became a new trend for business owners, sports teams, recovery centers and more. This is particularly visible in the fast-paced development of the inflatable cryotherapy chamber by RevoCryo in the last few years. The inflatable cryotherapy chamber has been gaining steam with consumers in the USA where the pace of life has become faster and faster. However, we must be aware that while inflatable cryotherapy chambers brings profit and tangible benefits on-the-go to consumers and businesses, the quick development of inflatable cryotherapy chambers also faces many problems and hidden dangers.

Benefits of Portable Cryotherapy Chambers

The main benefit of portable cryotherapy chambers for business owners is, first, the convenience of taking your cryotherapy services on-the-go. The opportunity to “Feel The Freeze” is available anywhere, without limitations of time or place. Second, increased consumer reach. Social¬†events are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, foster brand loyalty, and drive revenue. Third, the price of inflatable cryotherapy chambers are generally lower than the price of cryotherapy machines in stores. Apart from all this, the integrated service from offering a portable cryotherapy solution is simply more convenient.

Inflatable Cryotherapy Chamber Dangers

However, while inflatable cryotherapy chambers brings profits and tangible benefits to consumers and businesses, the development of inflatable cryotherapy chambers also faces many problems and hidden dangers. One main problem is the reliability of the fabric that the machine is made of. Even though the material is made from military grade fabric, as an 8 year combat military veteran, I can assure you that over-time; the fabric will rip or tear from the erecting and collapsing of the unit. So with that being said, be careful on where you set-up, for you wouldn’t want a rock or object to pierce a $25,000 machine.

Another thing to consider is the huge safety risk of having a door that uses a zipper to open and close. God forbid you have an emergency or need to get the client out of the cryotherapy chamber ASAP and then you have a zipper malfunction. For this reason, we have stayed far and clear from inflatable cryotherapy chambers.

If your looking for a portable cryotherapy chambers, give Cryo Centers of America a call. We built the world’s first portable cryotherapy system in 2014, and it’s not inflatable.