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When shopping for a cryotherapy machine, many of the leading cryotherapy equipment manufactures often use questionable sales tactics to help make their cryotherapy chamber stand out. Here are 5 things cryotherapy equipment manufactures say to sell their cryosauna.

Our Cryotherapy Equipment Uses Less Nitrogen

“Did you know that our cryotherapy machine uses less nitrogen than any machine on the market?” This is the number one thing cryotherapy equipment manufactures say to help sway your opinion on whether to buy their cryotherapy machine, and in reality it is far from being the truth. The facts are, most of the cryotherapy chambers on the market like Juka, Impact Cryo, M-Cryo, and Active Cryo consume 2-3 liters of nitrogen per minute which is equivalent to roughly 4-9 liters of nitrogen used per session, depending on the duration of the session.

One thing the cryotherapy equipment manufactures always lead out is that cryotherapy machines are very dynamic pieces of equipment. There are many factors to nitrogen consumption that affect the efficiency of nitrogen use with cryotherapy equipment. These factors include the loss of tank pressure (daily) which is affected by the humidity, dew point and temperature due to the location of where your nitrogen tanks are stored, as well as the duration between cryotherapy sessions. If you perform back to back cryotherapy sessions, the cryotherapy equipment will already be cold, compared to large time gaps between clients in which you will then have to pre-cool the cryosauna to be at the optimal operational temperature.

We Don’t Have A Dry Time

Having to stop in the middle of the day to dry out your cryotherapy chamber is a thing of the past. In the early days of the cryotherapy industry many of the cryotherapy machines on the market required a “dry time” of one hour in the middle of the day to stop the cryosauna from freezing up. Due to the advances in technology, all of the cryotherapy machines on the market since 2011 do not require a dry time. Now many manufactures still offer the “dry time” feature, but this is typically used at the end of the day to help get the existing moister out of the cryotherapy machine.

Only CE and UL Certified Cryotherapy Machine On The Market

Again, this is another sales pitch cryotherapy equipment manufactures use to help show validity in their cryotherapy equipment. The reality is that most American made cryotherapy machines such as M-Cryo, Active Cryo and Impact Cryo contain CE and UL certifications, while the new Cryo Innovations and Titan Cryo machines don’t. The European made cryotherapy chambers like the Juka and Cryomed do have the European equivalent CE certification. Their are many companies coming out of Europe and Asia with cheap and unsafe cryotherapy machines so the best thing do due is if your interested in a particular cryotherapy chamber, ask the manufacture for a copy of their CE and UL certification.

We Are The Cryotherapy Leading Experts

Cryotherapy equipment manufactures love to boast how they are the leading experts in cryotherapy, but let us end this debate once and for all. Out of all the cryotherapy equipment manufactures M-Cryo, Cryomed and Juka by far have the most experience in the cryotherapy industry. Since 2009, Juka and Cryomed has been building and importing cryotherapy chambers to the United States and within the same year M-Cryo was established to become the first cryotherapy equipment manufacture in the United States. Within 2 years, other companies like Impact Cryo quickly came into the picture, and more recently Cryo Science, Cryo Innovations, and Titan Cryo have entered the market as well. Experience is everything in the cryotherapy industry and your ability to achieve success depends on it.

Best Cryotherapy Training And Customer Support

Not being rude here, but this by far has to be the biggest lie cryotherapy equipment manufactures use to help sell their cryosaunas. Before buying a cryotherapy machine be sure to conduct a little market research and try reaching out to existing cryotherapy business owners to see how their experience was with their cryotherapy equipment provider. The horror stories from some of these manufactures is the reason how Cryo Centers of America came about. We started on the retail side and due to the lack of customer service, cryotherapy training, and customer support we transitioned our cryotherapy business to provide these services where the manufactures were lacking. Getting the proper cryotherapy training and customer support by far will be the key to your future success in the cryotherapy industry. This is the main reason why some cryotherapy businesses grow at an exponential pace and others flop within 6 months to a year.

Final Hit: Shopping Cryotherapy Equipment Manufactures

It’s critical in finding the right cryotherapy equipment manufacture and how they treat their clients after the sale. You can do this by finding connections of cryotherapy business owners on LinkedIn who work or have dealt with the company. Talk to them about their certifications, sales process and on-going support. A few questions and some intelligent research today can save you from the living hell of having made a bad choice tomorrow.


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