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As far as health industries go, the cryotherapy business is still technically in its infancy. But the road to Harvard starts in the cradle, and in the same vein, serious financial rewards lie ahead for those who get in early on the super-promising cryo industry. For the more hardcore business-oriented readers out there, here are three primary reasons to get involved in cryotherapy before your rivals do:

Cryotherapy takes advantage of several tempting business verticals. Who knew that freezing your way to fitness would touch on so many different business avenues? Cryotherapy as an industry primarily touts itself as a spa-based business. But experts know how important it is to break down the literal industry names into sub-groups that might reveal additional opportunities for profit when correct leveraged. These subgroups are referred to as “verticals” in the offices of top CEOs and business professionals. In actuality, cryotherapy can be categorized under several verticals that sound like synonyms but, in terms of business sense, are very much distinct: health and fitness, sports medicine, and consumer healthcare (the biggest three of cryotherapy’s most lucrative classifications). For business owners, this means a wealth of opportunities to attract business — local athletes looking for an edge on the competition, as well as people upset with the country’s healthcare crisis and who want a way to help prevent the sorts of injuries that lead to doctors’ visits.

The cryotherapy industry is driven largely by passionate entrepreneurs. You’d think that such revenue-generating promise would lead a major business name to take over the cryotherapy industry himself or herself. But the nature of the business has resulted in the majority of its growth being fueled by individual owners and health clinics. These two demographics make up more than 60% of cryotherapy’s current market share. It’s this portion of the pie that’s also responsible for the front-page-news rapid growth that cryotherapy is attracting more and more of. Look for even more headlines about cryotherapy entrepreneurs raking in major dough in 2018 and 2019.

Cryotherapy sits at the center of the 2020 Global Wellness Economy prediction model. Now a nearly four-TRILLION dollar industry, the international wellness industry is a major cash cow whose “moo” can’t be avoided by those looking for a serious financial opportunity. The Global Wellness Institute recently published their 2020 Market Forecast, in which several seductive markets were highlighted. Read through these and decide if any of them ring a bell in terms of how cryotherapy resonates with it: beauty and anti-aging (nearly $1 trillion alone); fitness and mind-body ($542 billion); wellness tourism ($563 billion); and spa industry ($99 billion). Indeed, cryotherapy interfaces with all of these in an organic way. Intelligent and savvy business owners can see a major opportunity here that should be tapped into immediately.

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