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Cryo Centers of America, the world’s leading supplier of used and new cryotherapy equipment and wellness recovery products, is helping new and existing businesses harness the growing opportunities in the cryotherapy industry. Whether you’re expanding your current offerings or starting from the ground up, we offer new and refurbished cryosaunas, whole body cryotherapy chambers, custom mobile cryotherapy trailers, and support you need to succeed. Are you ready to start a cryotherapy business and join the recovery revolution?

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New Cryotherapy Machines

Cryotherapy chambers on the market provide many aesthetic and technological options, but one of the hottest cryotherapy machines in the industry is the Cryopod cryochamber. The Cryopod cryochamber offers an eye-appealing modern design, advanced innovative safety features, and consumes less nitrogen than most of the cryotherapy machines on the market. At a very affordable price, cryotherapy business owners, entrepreneurs and fitness professionals now have access to that one bit of magic that will make them happier, healthier, and more beautiful.

Using 100% breathable technology the Cryopod assists in a multitude of symptoms and issues that keep people from feeling and looking their best. The functionality and simplicity of this device is astounding. As a cryotherapy business owner, you simply select one of the many pre-programmed options on the cryotherapy machine and go.

The benefits are easily seen after a quick 2-3 minute session. Whether it’s health, wellness, beauty, athletic performance or care for sports injuries, the Cryopod is an easy device that promotes a simplified wellness strategy.




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CryoLyft Pro

The non-invasive CryoLyft Pro localized cryo slimming and cryo toning device is designed to fit all your application needs, distinguished by its creative design, cost effectiveness, safety controls, and ease of use. The design is developed to optimize your production and output through innovative features without nitrogen. Primarily, weight-loss, cellulite reduction and skin collagen boosting have been some of the healthcare benefits.

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The Cryolyft provides a new dimension in cryo slimming. The Cryolyft is a revolutionary cryo toning device that is proven to assist in fat reduction, eliminating cellulite, reducing wrinkles and more. The Cryolyft allows you to eliminate those problem areas without surgery, without anesthesia, without needles, and without downtime. Compared to other cryo slimming or cool sculpting devices on the market, the Cryolyft results last as long as liposuction.

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Portable Cryotherapy

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the Cryo Centers of America portable cryotherapy machine is the only mobile cryotherapy machine of its kind in the world. A completely portable cryotherapy machine that is easily moveable, and marketable. Designed and built with the highest quality materials and the strictest attention to detail. Perfect as an addition to an existing or new cryotherapy business, or enthusiastic entrepreneur.

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PSA Nitrogen Generator

Cryo Centers of America is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Noblegen Cryogenics nitrogen generation systems. Noblegen Cryogenics provides the world's ``coolest`` plug and play liquid nitrogen generators on the market with LN2 production rates from 10 liters to 550 liters of liquid nitrogen a day. The PSA nitrogen generator comes with a cryo-cooler, internal storage dewar tank, and touch screen control panel.


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